On-site Presentation Type

  • Oral Presentation

Presenters will be given 15 minutes (2-3 min Q&A) to present the paper, usually with slides as supplementary. It is important to manage the time for the fixed time of each session. Presenters are encouraged to think through their presentation before the conference. 

Checklist for oral presenters

        1. Send your presentation slides in PPT and pdf format to the conference organizer

2. Keep a copy of your presentation in USB and take it with you

Our meeting rooms are equipped with following audio & visual equipment

1. Projector with screen

2. Computer

3. Laser pointer 

4. Microphone

Should you need extra software for your presentation, please contact HKSRA staff to make sure it is possible.

  • Poster Presentation

Poster sessions are designated during conference days, each poster session usually lasts 0.5-1 hour. Conference poster standard size is A0. Your ideas are going to be clearly conveyed on the poster, and too much information in a limited space is suppposed to be avoided.

Checklist for poster presenters

        1. Print out your poster and pack it with you

2. Keep a softcopy of your poster in a USB device 

Our staff will help with the poster display, poster boards or tape for poster will be provided.