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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Mechatronics, Robotics, AutomationMaterial Radar Absorber 
Autonomous robotsMotor Drive
Behavioral decision makingNano-material
CNCSmart Material
Command and control systemsVibration Reduction
Control system applicationsEnergy
Data analysis, prediction and model identificationDetectors 
Data fusion and miningGrid Control
Decision support systemsPiping and Instrumentation
Distributed decision makingPower Control
Disturbance RejectionSafety Systems and Devices
Dynamic systems modelingTransient Phenomena
Fault diagnosisIntelligent Control Systems and Optimization
Food PackagingDecision Support Systems
High speed communicationDistributed Control Systems
Human factors in system designEngineering Applications
Human Machine InterfaceEvolutionary Computation and Control
Humanoid Robots Fuzzy Control
Hybrid systemsGenetic Algorithms
Hyper network communicationHybrid Learning Systems
Image processingIntelligent Fault Detection, Diagnosis and Prognostics
Image understandingKnowledge-based Systems Applications
Industrial NetworksMachine Learning in Control Applications
Intelligent control systemsNeural Networks based Control Systems
Intelligent databases&information retrievalOptimization Algorithms
Intelligent information systemsPlanning and Scheduling
Machine VisionSoft Computing
Modern and advanced control strategies and Industrial automationsSoftware Agents for Intelligent Control Systems
Noise Reduction  Robotics and Automation
Parallel computing applications in identification &controlAutonomous Agents
Pattern recognitionCognitive Approach for Robotics
Prediction and time series analysisCollective and Social Robots
Programmable ControllersControl and Supervision Systems
Qualitative and approximate-reasoning modelingEngineering Applications
Risk managementGuidance, Navigation and Control
Robot dynamics and controlHuman-Machine Interfaces
Robotics and automationHumanoid Robots
Robotics and automationHuman-Robots Interfaces
Signal processingImage Processing
SimulatorIndustrial Networks and   Automation
System identificationIntelligent Transportation Technologies and Systems
Transportation systemsMechatronics Systems
Unmanned VehicleMobile Robots and Intelligent Autonomous Systems
Manufacture, instrumentation, and measurementModelling, Simulation and Architecture
Computer IntegratedNetwork Robotics
Flexible Manufacture SystemPerception and Awareness
InstrumentationRobot Design, Development and Control
Manufacturing ActuatorsSpace and Underwater Robots
MetrologySurveillance, Fault detection and Diagnosis
Robotic Mechanical DrivesTelerobotics and Teleoperation
Robotic Welding Systems,Vehicle Control Applications
Smart SensorsVirtual Environment, Virtual and Augmented Reality
Control and ModelingVision, Recognition and Reconstruction
Adaptive Control Signal Processing, Sensors, System Modelling and Control
Distributed Control SystemAdaptive Signal Processing and Control
H-inf controlBiological Inspired Sensors
Linear  ControlComputer and  Microprocessor-based Control
Nonlinear ControlDefect and Change Detection and Identification
Optimal ControlEngineering Applications
Predictive ControlEnvironmental Monitoring and Control
Robotic ControllersInformation-based Models for Control
Stability AnalysisIntelligent Components for Control
System IdentificationMechanical, Force and Tactile Sensors
Transfer Function DevelopmentModelling, Analysis and Control of Discrete-event   Systems
Information and computational engineeringModelling, Analysis and Control of Hybrid Dynamical   Systems
CommunicationNonlinear Signals and Systems
Digital Signal ProcessingOptimization Problems in Signal Processing
Image ProcessingReal-Time Systems Control
Protocol AlgorithmSensors Fusion
RadarSignal Reconstruction
Robotic Programming Applications System Identification
Sensing InterfaceSystem Modelling
Sensor NetworksTime-frequency Analysis
Design and systemIndustrial Informatics
Artificial  IntelligenceComputer-based Manufacturing Technologies
Electric Motor DevelopmentEnergy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing
Global Positioning SystemHuman Factors & Human-System Interface
GuidanceIndustrial Automation and Robotics
NavigationIndustrial Internet of Things
Path-Plan, Minimum SystemIntelligent Design and Manufacturing
TrajectoryManufacturing Systems Engineering
Vision SystemsPerformance Evaluation and Optimization
MaterialPrecision Engineering
Battery CellProduction Planning, Scheduling and Control
Composite MaterialsProduction Tasks' Design, Planning and Management
Corrosion ControlQuality Control and Management
Material Radar Absorber Resources and Knowledge Management in Industry
Motor DriveSupply Chain and Logistics Engineering
Corrosion ControlSystems Modelling and Simulation

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