Please download the CFP flyer here (Click). 

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Systems Engineering Theory and Technology
Bionic Robots
Control Theory and Technology
Space Robots
Control Systems and Applications
Brain-computer Interface and Biomechatronics
Date Mining
Machine Learning
System Modeling Theory, Simulation Technology and Virtual Reality
Human-computer Interaction and Human Factors Engineering
Complexity Science and Artificial Intelligence Theory
Affective Calculation
Biological, Medical Information Systems and Technology
Natural Language Understanding
Automatic Detection Technology and Device
Environmental Adaptive Design Theory and Methodology
Navigation, Guidance and Control
Robot Perception, Cognition, Decision-making
Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things
Ethics and Safety
Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Intelligence
AI-driven Automation
Fault Diagnosis and Fault-tolerant Control
Cloud Computing and Computing Intelligence
Micro-nano Electromechanical Devices and Control Systems
Knowledge Automation
Fuzzy System and Fuzzy Control
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Network Collaboration and Autonomous Control
Machine Perception and Machine Vision
Information Systems and System Security
Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
Software Cybernetics
Knowledge Representation and Processing
Signal Processing and Information Fusion
Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning
Multi-agent Systems and Distributed Control
Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence Security
Game Theory
Data Science and Big Data Computing
Robotics and Intelligent Systems
New Computing Paradigms and Applications
Industrial Robots
Cognitive and Neuroscience-inspired Artificial Intelligence
Robot Clusters
Bioinformatics Computing and Digital Health
Regulation of Social and Economic Systems
Medical and Rehabilitation Robots
Educational Information Science and Technology
Service Robots
Emerging Automation Theory and Technology
Soft Robots
AI in Interdisciplinarity