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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation

Information and computational engineering

Autonomous robots

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Behavioral decision making

Intelligent Control Systems and Optimization


Intelligent Fault Detection


Intelligent Transportation

Command and control systems

Knowledge-based Systems Applications

Control system applications

Linear Control

Data analysis

Machine Learning in Control Applications

Data fusion and mining


Decision support systems

Material Radar Absorber 

Distributed decision making

Motor Drive

Disturbance Rejection

Mechatronics Systems

Dynamic systems modeling

Mobile Robots

Fault diagnosis

Modeling, Simulation and Architecture

Food Packaging

Nonlinear Control

High speed communication

Neural Networks based Control Systems

Human factors in system design


Human Machine Interface


Humanoid Robots 

Network Robotics

Hybrid systems

Optimal Control

Hyper network communication

Optimization Algorithms

Image processing

Protocol Algorithm

Image understanding

Predictive Control

Industrial Networks

Path-Plan, Minimum System

Intelligent control systems

Perception and Awareness

Intelligent databases & information retrieval


Intelligent information systems

Piping and Instrumentation

Machine Vision

Planning and Scheduling

Noise Reduction 

Power Control

Parallel computing applications

Robotics and Automation

Pattern recognition

Robotic Programming Applications

Prediction and model identification


Prediction and time series analysis

Robot Design, Development and Control

Programmable Controllers

Robotic Controllers

Qualitative and approximate-reasoning modeling

Surveillance, Fault detection and Diagnosis

Risk management

Stability Analysis

Robot dynamics and control

Safety Systems and Devices

Robotics and automation

Sensing Interface

System Identification

Sensor Networks

Signal processing

Smart Material


Soft Computing

System identification

Software Agents for Intelligent Control Systems

Transportation systems

Space and Underwater Robots

Unmanned Vehicle

Transient Phenomena


Transfer Function Development

Instrumentation, and measurement


Computer Integrated

Telerobotics and Teleoperation

Flexible Manufacture System

Time-frequency Analysis


Systems Modelling and Simulation

Manufacturing Actuators

System Modelling


Vehicle Control Applications

Robotic Mechanical Drives

Vibration Reduction

Robotic Welding Systems

Virtual Environment, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Smart Sensors

Vision Systems

Control and Modeling

Vision, Recognition and Reconstruction

Adaptive Control

Signal Processing, Sensors, System Modelling and Control

Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive Signal Processing and Control

Autonomous Agents

Biological Inspired Sensors

Battery Cell

Computer and Microprocessor-based Control

Cognitive Approach for Robotics

Computer-based Manufacturing Technologies

Collective and Social Robots

Defect and Change Detection and Identification


Discrete-event Systems

Composite Materials

Energy Efficiency and Green Manufacturing

Control and Supervision Systems

Engineering Applications

Corrosion Control

Environmental Monitoring and Control

Distributed Control Systems

Human Factors & Human-System Interface

Decision Support Systems

Hybrid Dynamical Systems

Design and system

Industrial Automation and Robotics


Industrial Informatics

Diagnosis and Prognostics

Industrial Internet of Things

Digital Signal Processing

Information-based Models for Control

Industrial Networks and Automation

Intelligent Components for Control

Evolutionary Computation and Control

Intelligent Design and Manufacturing

Electric Motor Development

Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Mechanical, Force and Tactile Sensors

Engineering Applications

Modeling, Analysis and Control

Fuzzy Control

Nonlinear Signals and Systems

Image Processing

Optimization Problems in Signal Processing

Hybrid Learning Systems

Performance Evaluation and Optimization

Genetic Algorithms

Precision Engineering

Global Positioning System

Production Planning, Scheduling and Control

Grid Control

Production Tasks' Design


Quality Control and Management

Guidance, Navigation and Control

Real-Time Systems Control

H-inf control

Resources and Knowledge Management in Industry

Human-Machine Interfaces

Sensors Fusion

Human-Robots Interfaces

Signal Reconstruction

Humanoid Robots

Supply Chain and Logistics Engineering

System Identification